La Sardina de Naiguatá

Founded by Ricardo Diaz 27 years ago in a quest to fuse traditional Venezuelan parranda music with more diverse and progressive instrumentation, Sardina has revolutionized and reinvigorated the genre.    

In the coastal state of Vargas, Venezuela, the town of Naiguatá is known for having the largest number of year-round festivals and celebrations—Carnival being among them.  After the popular Carnival cycle is complete the ceremonial closing known as Entierro de la Sardina (Burial of the Sardine) takes place. The Burial of the Sardine marks the beginning of Lent and the transition between the licentiousness of Carnival and the spiritual absorption of Holy Week.  A great procession takes place, wherein people play widows, doctors, nurses, priests, and other characters linked to a central theme often associated with current events.  It is from this popular ceremony that La Sardina de Naiguatá—the group—derives its name.

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Genre: Traditional


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